Recruiting FAQ's

Questions? We've Got Answers

Hiring Process

1.  Does Primos do any type of pre-employment testing/screening?

Primos runs a background check on all new hires.  

2.  If I have a conviction, will I automatically be excluded from being hired?

No.  The HR Department will review the information and determine if the particular criminal history is compatible with the particular job.  For example, someone with a recent DUI would not be hired to drive a Primos vehicle.  

3.  How will I know if my resume has been received?

Applicants receive email acknowledgement that their resume has been received. 

4.  I do not have a resume; can I still apply?

Certainly, just click on the job you want and answer the questions.  If you prefer, you may come to the property to complete an application.  

5.  I don’t have a computer; can I still apply?

Yes, you may complete the application on a mobile device or if you prefer, you may come to the property and complete a paper application.  If you are completing a paper application, please be sure to bring information about your past employers, including dates of employment, each supervisor’s name, and the address and phone number for each location where you previously worked.  

6.  What should I expect after submitting my resume?

We get tons of resumes and applications for our open positions, so you might not hear from us for a while.  Please be patient.  Calling to check the status of your application will not speed up the process, so no phone calls please.